UNIVERSE CENTER offers 12 unique tailor-made programs developed for you to learn vocabulary and to acquire useful skills for the effective work in a particular field of interest.

  1. English for Human Resourses.
  2. English for Service and Customer Care.
  3. English for Sales and Negotiations.
  4. English for Top Managers and Directors. International Management.
  5. English for Marketing and PR.
  6. English for Tourism. HoReCa.
  7. English for Logistics.
  8. English for Accounting and Finance.
  9. English for Banking and Finance.
  10. English for Medicine and Nursing.
  11. English for Business Law.
  12. English for IT specialists.

As a present, to each program you get trainings in:

  • Effective Socializing;
  • Effective Meetings;
  • Effective Negotiating;
  • Effective Telephoning;
  • Effective Business Correspondence.