Saying hello to summer with 3 summery idioms!

Saying hello to summer with 3 summer idioms!

• Soak Up Some Sun
Meaning: To soak up some sun means to lie in the sun and enjoy the sun’s rays on your skin.

e.g. I can’t wait to get away and soak up some sun on the beach next week! It’s the perfect way to relax during summer vacation.

• Dog Days of Summer
Meaning: The dog days of summer are the hottest days of the summer. 

e.g. I wish I could go home from work early today. It’s impossible to get any work done during these dog days of summer!

• Summer Fling
Meaning: A summer fling is a short romance or dating relationship during the summer period; it’s a romance that isn’t meant to be serious or long-term. 

e.g.I can’t believe Susan’s a teenager already! She had her first summer fling with a boy from summer camp but thankfully it wasn’t too serious. I’m not ready for her to grow up so fast!

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