Universe Center is a Kiev based prograde language service provider.


what we do

We specialize in written translation as well as oral interpretation services of any type and complexity. Our translation agency includes more than fifty highly qualified translators and interpreters with narrow area of expertise, which enables us to sustain high level quality and accuracy of translation. The level of our professionalism along with computer-assisted translation and quality control of our agency gives our clients the appreciation of performance excellency and service rate.  


Interpretation service

Universe Center interpreters render services for both private sector and state-owned establishments. Our qualified professionals are eager to provide consequent as well as simultaneous interpretation during conferences, trainings, negotiations, business meetings, touring, movies, audio and video recordings in any sphere of business.

Legalization and Apostille

Travelling abroad on business, for studies or pleasure to countries which have not concluded Mutual Document Recognition Agreement with Ukraine, one might need to legalize one’s documents.

Our company provides legalization services in such government establishments as the Ministry of External Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, the Department of Education of Ukraine, the Public Health Ministry, Consular departments and Embassies in Kyiv.

We carry out two types of legalization: consular legalization as well as apostille placement. Do not hesitate to find out more about different types of apostille required in a place of your visit from our managers.

Notary Services

We are glad to offer you notary certification of translated documents.

Find below the list of documents we are ready to notarize:

  • Agreements and contracts
  • License
  • Power of attorney
  • Diploma papers
  • Passports
  • Constitutional documents
  • Certificates
  • Accounting documentation
  • Etc.

Translation Services

Our certified translators render translation services of any type and specialization: legal area, audit sector, banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, medicine, scientific and technical spheres. Languages involved in the translation process exceed twenty. Our agency provides translation services from and to the following language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, etc. Moreover, our language range incorporates Japanese, Czech, Serbian, Turkish, and a lot more.

Cooperating with us you will get the full assistance of a personal manager, who will make sure you have all the necessary information concerning your orders and projects. Your attendant will secure communication between clients and Universe Center specialists, who carry out client’s orders. You are more than welcome to place your order 24/7. In case of emergency you might want to turn to express translation solution. Express translation option makes your order a priority and it is carried out within a shortest possible time. Furthermore, we provide delivery services at your convenience.

We offer proof reading by native speaker, which contributes to highest possible accuracy of translation.


Universe Center is ready to provide certification by means of:

  • Translator’s signature authorized notarization. A copy of original document is filled with signed translation copy;
  • Original copy certification notarization. Copy of translated documents is filed to the copy of the document, while our public notary certifies correspondence between an original document and a copy;
  • Notarial writing of a power of attorney and translator’s signature authorization;
  • Certification by a seal of “UNIVERSE CENTER” LLC.

Loyalty programs:

We are happy to provide loyalty programs and wide range of discounts for our clients. One of our special offers includes constant support of your personal translator, who will purposefully provide all the necessary services exclusively for your orders.

We guarantee: